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Dawn Nieto-Gouy

Dawn Nieto-Gouy

Networking events are one of those few occasions when it’s very important to pay attention to the message your clothing and appearance are creating.  It’s a time when you’re meeting with people who do not know you, whose opinion and reaction to you is important to your goals, and when your confidence level just may need a little boost.  A positive personal image is an invitation to others to get to know the person behind such a well presented-image.   If just thinking about your wardrobe gives you an anxiety attack or bores you, but what you’ve just read rings true, a Networking Cluster may be exactly what you need.

Your 4-Hour session includes:

  • Organizing of a 5-8-piece Cluster (a small group of well coordinated clothing pieces and accessories brought together for a specific purpose).
  • Identifying you ideal wardrobe neutral and accent color.
  • Selecting a pattern—print, stripe or plaid—to inspire the color scheme of you cluster.
  • A digital interactive lookbook of your Networking Cluster, with 8-10 different looks, to refer to when getting dressed.
  • A shop-able catalog of pieces you can use to expand your cluster.
  • 1 month of style support via email/text/interactive lookbook (it’s easy!).

So let’s get started. Schedule your Networking Cluster styling session today!

Questions? Call Dawn at 505-301-2502


  1. Val Romero

    Working with Dawn has been great! I have been able to eliminate so many things in my closet that no longer ‘work’. Once you know your style, it becomes so much easier to discern what you really don’t look and feel great in…wouldn’t we want to look and feel good in what we wear all the time? Let Dawn show you how…

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