Drew Dooley, Generation Specialist

Why DO They Act That Way?

A Generational View of the World

Drew Dooley

Every generation has its quirks – that set of mannerisms and beliefs which sets it apart from other generations.  We currently have 5 generations in the workplace and respecting how each group thinks, reacts to, and plays with others can be of great benefit to your business.  Communication within the workplace and with customers can be enhanced and improved, IF you know how to appeal to them and understand what makes them tick.

From the Silent Generation to Generation Alpha, there are differences and similarities which set them apart and which bring them together.  As we move deeper into the Digital Age, the value of knowing why and how the different generations learn can be critical to the growth of a company.  It’s not just about the Millennials anymore.  There are two more generations in our schools right now who will revolutionize our economy, the way we do business, and our educational system.  Are you ready for that?

Dr. Drew Dooley has studied and spoken on this topic for over a decade and can provide for you a variety of ways to grow in your relationships with your colleagues, customers, and even your own family members.


Find out more about Drew Dooley, Life Mastery Consultant here.

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