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“The Power of Your Voice”

The WHO we are – in business, life or any of our worldly endeavors is really everything. And growing to continually understand ourselves is a life’s journey. The WHO we are is what fuels our authentic voice, the POWER of our voice.

When we’re younger, for many reasons, we set out to “do” things. To accomplish this, achieve that, perhaps to prove to ourselves and to the world that we can, and to help ground ourselves in activities that define us in society, and give us a sense of purpose in the world. Much of this our activity can be externally focused during the “early years”.

As we go through our own chapters, decades, phases of career and life activities, with (so-called) successes and (so-called) failures, the mix and focus of external and internal begins to shift, perhaps more to the internal awareness. BE-ing becomes more important than DO-ing. We tend to naturally dive inward to find ourselves and discover who we are, and what it means.

Having spent 30 years as a creative professional as a music composer, media producer, business owner, pilot, father and husband, I’ve worked with big clients, little clients, built businesses, filed bankruptcy, worked with celebrities, made good money, lost good money…experienced my own turns, corners, change-ups, surprises and managed to spend nearly 17 years engineering what I now fondly refer to as “Perpetual-Pointless Pivots” that ultimately led me….HOME AGAIN! I feel like Dorothy clicking her heels together 3 times!  In the end, it was as natural and effortless as experiencing the law of gravity!  And, I had rediscovered the Power of My Voice.  

I’m looking forward to sharing parts my own journey with you, along with a few insights that may be helpful to you in own journey as you re-discover (or discover) the Power of YOUR Voice…


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